Casa Foundation for International Development is a Canadian Registered Non Profit organization focused on  advancing women, youths and emerging leaders, through economic, entrepreneurship, and business development initiatives. Casa Foundation offers support to vertical sectors in the area of health, infrastructure, and education. Casa foundation’s  social impact programs and initiatives these three-fold segments of the economy. Casa Foundation started operations in April, 2011. 

Casa foundation provides her charity support programs through designated Shelters Homes for the needy, and community support groups. Casa foundation’s  Educational programs support University, College, and International students in business related studies in Canada by bridging the gap in required learning resources. Casa provides tuition scholarships -through its designated Colleges, tutoring, training, educational materials and conferences to students of  her partner Universities and Colleges. The education support program aims to provide grants to innovative students to augment the cost of tertiary and graduate education where available. Casa foundation’s Health support programs is executed by international Partners who provide medical equipment to teaching hospitals, health and immunization awareness programs-under her “Mother & Child” program.

Casa Foundation holds strategic economic, business, and entrepreneurship forums, conferences, workshops, training, and seminars. These sessions aim to create a robust platform for discussion of economic, business, and entrepreneurship development initiatives that could expand small businesses and improve access to resource requirements for leaders, women and startup groups. Her platforms seek to develop business initiatives and mentoring support for women, youths, and potential leaders that could strengthen private participation in economic development. Facilitators are drawn from expert panel teams from institutions in the public and private sector and companies operating in the sector focus for each year. 

Through its Annual Roundtable Conferences, Casa Foundation encourages business ideas that improves community development and entrepreneurial thinking amongst business leaders.

Our Mission

  • To mentor leaders, youths and women, seeking self development to attain their full potential in the health, infrastructure, and education sectors.
  • To partner with relevant institutions/developmental agencies looking to advance women, relieve poverty, and promote economic, business, and community development initiatives.
  • To collaborate with support groups across Canada, and around the globe, in the Public & Private sectors to realize these objectives.


  • To advance and invest in startup entrepreneurs and emerging leaders to achieve their business goals.
  • To empower, mentor, and sponsor emerging leaders (women & youths), to build better communities.


  • Casa Foundation aims to promote growth and development in her communities through the empowerment of youths and emerging leaders.
  • Casa Foundation achieves her Mission through platforms that promotes exchange of ideas between users and  operators in the public and private sector. 
  • Casa Foundation partners with groups to provide poverty relief measures in underserved  communities.