President’s Desk

The global pandemic has had devastating effects on every aspect of life, including increased strains on institutions and economies, and a projected contraction of growth worldwide. As businesses look forward to increased economic activities as the global economy reopens, we are optimistic that the long-term recovery plans will have a positive impact and fast track real productivity for the business sector.

We have pivoted many of our programs to address the gaps created by the pandemic to serve more communities; from Entrepreneurs Exchange, to Pitch Masters, and others. We are more driven than ever to develop resources, programs, and partnerships that offer support to vertical industry sectors in the areas of health, infrastructure, and education. This is possible based on our trifold approach of mentorship, partnership, and sponsorship through our specially designed platforms for businesses at the Entrepreneurs Point Academy, the Black Advisory Hub, and the newly created Centre for Advancement and Skills Acquisition (CASA).

The growth and positive indicators in this report are the result of our strategic plan to launch specialised services, and expand our operations to six additional provinces across the country. Our collaborative efforts with other community groups during the pandemic have become a case study mentioned across community and ecosystem groups, and for those looking to scale their operations.

The Casa Foundation has received approval to manage additionalfunds of approximately $7m for both public and private sector funders. Our appointment as one of the 30 program managers of the Canadian Government’s Black Entrepreneurship Program (BEP), atotal of $401m, is a testament to this.