Casa Scholarships

Casa Foundation Scholarship: The Mandate

CASA Foundation in an effort to achieve one of its mandates “Educational Support Services’” has recognized the gap in the provision of scholarships for international students in Canada. To assist the less privileged in the community and fulfill its mission, it was determined that international students would benefit from some financial assistance.

Casa Foundation therefore commissioned its research team to investigate the viability of an international student scholarship as a solution to the gaps in students funding in Canada. The research analyzed the impact of existing scholarships available to international students, based on information collected from a variety of sources: governmental agency reports, survey data, private donor research and existing scholarship databases. The research concluded that although, there are several existing scholarships, fellowships and grants available to international students, many are primarily focused on postgraduate and graduate studies and have narrow foci or areas of study. In addition, there is no niche selection for the students most in need; rather the selection is based on the donor objectives and priorities.

These recommendations highlight a need for the establishment of an undergraduate degree scholarship that international students would benefit from.

Casa Foundation has therefore obtained an approval from its Governing Council to establish its Scholarship Program, with provision made for its administration with Partners.