Friends of Africa

An Annual Roundtable Conference

Countdown to FOA 2021


The goal of this program is to facilitate collaboration between African leaders (in the Public/Private sectors) and Canadian infrastructure providers. Through Roundtable discussions, planned debates and informal meetings the relevant authorities in these sectors are brought together to discuss and proffer solutions to challenges in the real sector of the economy. The target audience will be Professionals in the organised private sector, CEOs of Corporate Canada and Leaders that have responsibility to execute at various levels in Africa. 

Objectives of Annual Round-table:

  • Facilitate discussions on Economic/ Infrastructure Development
  • Facilitate business and Investment opportunities across North America and African continents
  • Promote strong networks and business mentoring for Enterpreneurs 
  • Recognise organizations and individuals that facilitate African development 

For more information on Friends of Africa Economic Development Conference and how to participate or be a program sponsor, please send an email to:

The next Friends of Africa Roundtable will hold in October 2019 at the Marriott Hotel and Conference Centre, Toronto, Canada