Casa Labs

CASA Solutions Lab is an integrated project to reskill and upskill job seekers who are youth, women, newcomers, immigrants, and people from racialized groups. This project offers participants a supportive environment to obtain in-demand skills along with the other services (mentorship, mental health support, job placement), to become empowered in their employment goals.

The 5 week cohort sessions consist of courses in digital technology that will go beyond traditional marketing practices and will help in understanding the customers in the digital space. The project also includes financial skills and soft skills to prepare the job seekers for interviews and work culture. It also integrates the placement for the job seekers by providing avenues for job search, networking, and mentorship.

The program intends to create jobs in the field of social media marketing, e-commerce, and entrepreneurship. It also brings together industry experts, partners, and leaders to provide some guidance and insights into the latest trends. Currently, the program focuses on East Ontario covering areas around Ottawa, Pembroke, Kingston, and Cornwall, But the program is quickly expanding to different provinces across canada.