Entrepreneurs Exchange

The Entrepreneur Exchange Forum EE30 (Women Edition), a 6 week program sponsored by TD bank is designed to enhance the capacities of aspiring women entrepreneurs and early-stage women entrepreneurs and increase their overall entrepreneurial success and remove barriers to their career advancement. This is beneficial to both established entrepreneurs and new entrants into Canada.

The goal of the program is to improve the economic opportunities for women aspiring to or formalize their businesses. You will learn and understand the underlying core values of good workforce practices, new business strategies to build up, and elevate your knowledge base of available resources and how to get them, setting up your business, gain new partners, develop new ideas, and present you executive summary to an Audience etc…


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Entrepreneur Exchange is a series of workshops for newcomer entrepreneurs with the objective of promoting economic opportunities for business creation and sustainable jobs. The event will include classroom sessions and presentations on ideation, research, team building, business and financial planning, fundraising, marketing, networking, presenting your work and other topics.

The workshops will engage up to 30 newcomer participants. The workshops will be made available online via the Zoom and Easyclass platforms, which will enable webinars, breakout sessions, and class discussions and assignments to be conducted.