Rizalyn Vale

FOA Advisory Council

Riza is a Senior Researcher Consultant in Manilla, Philippines where she graduated with a Masters In Development Management.  Rizalyn holds a B.Sc in Elementary Education majoring in Science from the Philippines. She completed her Senior Management Program (SMP) from Lagos Business School, Pan African University and an MBA from Lagos State University. She also graduated in Business management Studies from Damelin Management College, Pitermaritzburg, South Africa. She garnered Marketing and Brand Management experience in the Emerging markets over a period of ten years while with the Prilla Group in South Africa and later with the Dufil Prima Group in Nigeria.

In the Philippines, her research work focuses on Social Development issues in Asia and Africa with particular interests in Project Management of Public Sector Institutions and Organizations, strategic integrated solutions for development and capacity building programs. In the last couple of years, she has consulted for Foundations, NGOs, Civil Society groups, and Academic Institutions. With her private sector work experience in Management and field work coupled with academic, work experience in Social Development, her goal is to strengthen collaborations and integration of Public and Private Sectors to effect strategic community based programs in Education, Health, Child’s rights and creation of livelihoods- that are viable and sustainable with the key objective to contribute to attaining the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015 for ASEAN countries and the African Region.
At Casa foundation, Rizalyn is a member of the Friend of Africa (FOA) Advisory Council and oversees the processes related to nominee identification, selection and presentation of qualifying individuals and institutions for the annual FOA Awards. 

Contact Information: FOAawards@casafoundation.ca