What We Do

Health and Family Support Services:

  • Equipment support to teaching hospitals
  • Shelter support: Feed Canada-Lunch Hour Program, Send Clothing to women groups in the GTA
  • Health Awareness: The Mother & Child program provides support to children aged 0-5 at the annual Immunization program 

Education Support Services

  • Seminars and Conferences: Presenting required business resources through government agencies and partners. 
  • Seminars on Business, Economy, and Entrepreneurship
  • Mentoring for Women and Youth groups.
  • Donation of books to schools 
  • Grants to Women, Startups, and Students (as available)

Infrastructure Development Initiatives

Annual Round-table Conference discourse includes:

  • Steps to Starting new businesses for young entrepreneurs
  • Discussions with business leaders in the private/public sectors across various professions
  • Networking events customized for Women, Youths, and Emerging leaders: focusing on small business development systems
  • Development initiatives that produce enduring/stable organisations: Learning points from leaders of leading organizations.

*In Collaboration with Partners 
**Subject to Standard Assessment Procedure/Availability