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A Celebration of Women in Business and Leadership on International Women’s Day.

Women Inspire hosts Women in Business, Entrepreneurship, Trade, and Leaders across a broad spectrum in Partnership with other Corporate, Non Profit, and Public Organizations that promote, advance, and Empower Women.

Women Inspire focuses on women that advance trade, business, entrepreneurship, and economic development landscape.

Women Inspire also celebrates Women who Inspire others and have distinguished themselves in business, leadership, and trade sphere.

Aligned with the ethos and annual thematic focus of International Women’s Day (IWD), the Forum supports women-owned businesses, while empowering women to run businesses through connecting resources (social, capital, human) to ideas.

Target participants

CEOs of startups, established, and emerging organizations, women founders, entrepreneurs and business and services organizations, interns and senior academia looking to do the following:

  • Spearhead change in the women development trajectory,
  • Discuss principles, practices, palliative measures that advance women to leadership positions
  • Increase access to business opportunities and resources that might empower and fastrack women in their business and career journey


Sponsorship Opportunities (Click here for more details on Sponsorship)

  • Gold Sponsor: $7,950.00
  • Bronze Sponsor: $4,950.00
  • Silver Sponsor: $3,750.00
  • Brand a Table: $2,500.00

Online or Checks Payable to:
Casa Foundation for International Development
202-203, 117 Peter Street, Toronto, ON | M5V 0M3