2019: Casa Foundation Annual Report-2018: 2019 Programs

Welcome to 2019: A Year of Positive Turning Points

Happy New Year and welcome to 2019- A year of Positive Turning Points.  Casa Foundation continued with its mandate to improve the living conditions of the needy in our communities. In line with our Mission to relieve poverty, provide supplies to the less privileged, and advance education, Casa Foundation supported various charitable organizations in Canada in the health, education, and infrastructure sectors. Casa Foundation Partners continued to impact Africa through their annual intervention programs.   

Whatever a new year means to you, It’s always a joy to usher in a New season, because of Hope… Hope for a Fresh start….a new year offers many opportunities; Opportunities to start over, to regain lost grounds, to recover lost dreams, or discover new dreams, to uncover hidden treasures, to connect with friends, to learn again, to breathe afresh,….but most of all, to Thank God for the Old, and set high Expectations for the New….So for the Incredibles of 2018; the privileges, the opportunities, the honours, the support, the collaboration, the communities, Casa Foundation wishes to say-Thank you to all its Sponsors, Partners, and Support Eco-Systems.

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