2020: Friends of Africa

Friends of Africa Summit (FOA2020)

The Friends of Africa Summit (FOA) – Welcomes Delegates from the Globe to FOA 10th Edition. 

Featuring Keynotes from: 

  • Countries: Canada, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Morrocco, Kenya, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Gabon, Uganda, Zimbabwe.
  • Banks: Vice Presidents, BMO, BDC, PNC Banks, Canada 
  • Government: Ministers, Ambassadors, Members of Parliament from Global South & North American countries.
  • NGOs: Women Chamber of Canada, African Chambers of Commerce, Toronto Board of Trade, World Trade Centre Organization of Women in Trade,
  • Private Sector: CEOs of Multinationals, Founders, Presidents, Start-ups, Entrepreneurs, Businesses
  • Academia: Universities of Toronto, Uni. of Ottawa, Ryerson University, Humber, Centennial, & George Brown Colleges.
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FOA is an Economic Development Conference that gives entrepreneurs, businesses, and leaders across various verticals the opportunity to expand their businesses, play an active role in contributing to economic development, growth of Small businesses, and develop new entrepreneurs to build a more sustainable private sector.

The Summit features Plenary Sessions with Keynote Speakers drawn from North America and Africa’s government, private, and business sectors. FOA promises to be an exciting platform for presentation of Business and Tech ideas at the B2B sessions with a focus to empower businesses and private sector.

Roundtables and Workshop Sessions are a great opportunity for networking, growth, and business expansion with key decision makers from Africa and North America. 

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