2020: Women Inspire- Keynote

Excerpts from Keynote Address by Dr. Olutoyin Oyelade at Women Inspire

What is Women Inspire?

It is often said that there are 3 defining moments in the life of a Person: 

The Birth: the circumstances surrounding our birth, how we were born, when we were born, where we were born, and to whom we were born, shapes our belief systems, expectations from life, and our perspectives. 

The Relationships: and people we associate with ultimately shape our dreams, focus, perceptions, behaviours, and fulfillment (or otherwise) of our life journeys. 

The Path/Cause: the path we choose defines our destiny; and it could make or mar our lives.

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In my Keynote at Women Inspire, I highlighted some identifiers of Women who inspire:

  • The Women who Inspire others are those who have simply made the World a better Place by improving their own Space, society, communities. They are:
  • Influencers: who through their endurance, tenacity, connections, skills, wealth and resources impact more lives. 
  • Founders & Leaders: who become owners, entrepreneurs, mentors, sponsors, and partners, who turned their adversities into an advantage, and can share their stories with pride or tears. 
  • The Bridge: Worthy Ambassadors who thrive and rise by adding value to the lives of others, they bridge gaps, they provide solutions. 
  • Single Parents: or minorities raising vibrant families through limited resources. 
  • Shapers of Destinies: who build up by the mentorship, sponsorship and support they offer. People who have learnt to swim against the tide and continue life against all odds, biases, and prejudices set against them.
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