Betty Makoni- Zimbabwe

Betty Makoni is the Founding Executive Director of Girl Child Network Zimbabwe and Chief Executive Officer of Girl Child Network World Wide, an organization that champions the rights of the girl child in Zimbabwe, Uganda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, USA, United Kingdom and world over. She holds two Bachelor of Arts Honors degrees from the University of Zimbabwe.

Through the Girl child network, Betty developed the Girl Child Empowerment Model as a result of childhood tragic circumstances faced in her home country in Zimbabwe. The Girl child network empowers the girl child to be educated in a chosen vocation to fulfill her dreams. The program has inspired millions around the world and has now been replicated in several countries in Europe and Africa. 

Besides her work with Girl Child Network Worldwide and building many Girl Child Networks in Africa, Betty is now a mentor, coach, and trainer for women and girls who want to do similar work as a preventive measure for girls at risk of sexual abuse. Betty was recently selected to be on UK team of experts on Preventing Sexual Violence. From 1999 to date, Betty Makoni has mobilized financial resources to build four Girls Empowerment Villages, a unique model that provides safe shelter and healing for those abused.

Betty has received many Awards. Newsweek magazine named Betty as one of the 150 women who impact the world, alongside US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. In 2011, Betty was nominated alongside Nelson Mandela for the Honorary Decade Child Rights award. She received the coveted United Nations Red Ribbon award, Ginetta Sagan-Amnesty International award and was mentioned as one of the ten outstanding young people in the world by the Junior Chamber International, in recognition of her contribution to the development of the girl child.Read more details on Betty’s activities:‎