Casa Foundation President Appointed Envoy for COVID-19

Dear Friend,

As the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, Casa Foundation has continued to actively engage with stakeholders in the Canadian Government and contribute to the development of ideas resulting in some palliative measures rolled out by the Government of Canada. We are optimistic that these measures will offer remedial benefits to the citizenry during the lockdown period. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues its ravage across the globe, the Government of Ekiti, Nigeria (EKSG), in particular, has taken specific steps to fight, limit, and eradicate the spread of the pandemic. From the moment COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, isolation and recovery centres, resources distribution centres have been set up in line with EKSG’s containment and management strategy. 

To strengthen the efforts of the Nigerian Government, and the Government of Ekiti, the COVID-19 Resource Management Committee for the state was created. Dr. Olutoyin Oyelade, President of Casa Foundation was appointed, along 47 Eminent Nigerians, to serve as a member of this Committee. Below is a list of all Members drawn from vertical industry sectors to serve as thinkers and mobilizers that bring about the desired recoveries to the People and Government.

The committee has a mandate to mobilize funds, attract resources, recomemned, implement, and execute palliative, and remedial relief measures, to serve as a stop gap measure to meet the need  for more isolation centres, testing laboratories, medical equipment, and food for disadvantaged households. 

As the Government continues its efforts to eradicate this pandemic, the Resource Committee would also welcome support of Friends of Ekiti State, Nigeria, to join hands in collectively defeating the COVID-19 pandemic across the State. 

We welcome your support in this regard and welcome your emails at: