The EXChange-Forum 7|Dec.16th|@EntrepreneursPoint

The EXChange (Entrepreneur EXChange)

The EXchange Forum 7 will hold on the 16th December, 2017 Downtown Toronto.  

What is The EXChange ?

The Forum gives professionals, innovators, emerging businesses, inventors, and creators across various verticals the opportunity to co-create ideas with entrepreneurs, businesses owners,innovators, under the guidance of Industry Pioneers, Veterans, Sponsors, and Mentors… who have a proven track record in business creation, and also initiate Leading ideas for future Leaders…..

Who is Invited?

Participants and Members are creative collaborators, innovators, youths, women, emerging leaders, professionals, looking to either start a revenue-generating product or service; or have pioneered an initiative that improves socio-economic development within their communities; and are looking for guidance from personal or business Mentors. Read more 

2017 Speakers

Olutoyin Oyelade- Founder, InVcap W/Africa

Brian Dodo Founder, MAPP Africa & Canada

Stephen Clarke-Founder, IWB- Women In Busines