September 2021: Registration for Friends of Africa (FOA2021) Opens

Friends of Africa (FOA2021) is a Global platform that promotes economic and business development opportunities in emerging markets and connects startup businesses in the Diaspora to pitch their ideas to investors and partners.

What should I Expect at FOA Summit ?

Keynote addressPanel discussionsFireside chat Pitch presentation*Workshops Business Showcase: Marketplace & ProductsBlack Founders in Business

Delegates from:

Government of Canada Government of Ontario Government of AlbertaGovernments from African CountriesRepresentatives from Multi-laterals Institutions Organization of Women in International Trade Diasporan Associations and Representative Groups Professional Organizations Canadian Chambers of Commerce Canadian Boards of TradeColleges and Universities from other Countries, Canadian Financial Institutions Diplomatic Embassies in Canada Private Sector CorporationsWomen-led Groups Youth Initiatives Small and Medium Enterprises Non-Profit Organizations:

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